About the company

Europejskie Konsorcjum Kolejowe WAGON Sp. z o.o. was established in 1920 as the „Wagon” public limited company. The first cars were manufactured about a year later, and after less than two years after commencement of construction – in 1922 – the factory reached its full capacity. On November 30th, 1926, during the extraordinary general assembly of shareholders, it was resolved to solve the company to the state. In April 1927, the government passed a resolution on buyout of “Wagon” factory from the public limited company. In May 1927, it became the state property as the auxiliary company in the Ministry of Transport “Car Workshop”. However, the innovative independence of the company did not bring the expected results, and in April 1929, the workshop became a state budget owned company – 2nd Class Railway Workshop. Afterwards,  an agency was established – the Railway Workshop in Skalmierzyce. On September 3rd, 1939, the workshop was taken over by the Nazis. Immediately after liberation of the city, on January 23rd, 1945, it was taken over by the state. On January 1st, 1950, it was renamed “Mechanical Workshop of State Railway No. 11”. Two years later, the factory was excluded from the structure of the Polish Railway. A state-owned company was established, named “Rolling Stock Repair Plant “Ostrów”, abbreviated  as  ZNTK "Ostrów". Since then, the factory became the key unit of the Department of Transport. In the recent history of the plant, year 1961 marked introduction of a new function – in February, it received a certificate, which established it as the composite company of other rolling stock repair plants. At the time, a Central  Construction Office was established within the plant area. In the 60s and the 70s, the company was developing. A modern forge and heat and power generating plant was established. On the 50th anniversary, ZNTK was named after the participants of the Greater Poland Uprising. In the early 90th, the plant portfolio was developed substantially with the aim of rendering services on behalf of clients other than the railway. The activity of ZNTK, apart from construction and repair of freight and passenger cars, included also a number of services. The broadened scope of production allowed the Plant to adapt to changes associated with economic transformation in Poland after year 1989. On the first of February, 1995, the Plant joined the Universal Privatization Programme,  transforming into a company wholly owned by the State Treasury. Since July 18th, 1995, ZNTK of Ostrow has become one of the companies in the 15th Investment Fund “Hetman”. In February 1996, on the basis of an agreement between the Company and the State Treasury, 15% of shares were offered free of charge to the employees.   They became full-fledged shareholders, gaining the right to make decisions concerning the Company. As a result of general political and economic transformation, which took place in Poland after year 1989, our company was privatized and it soon reassumed its original name  Fabryka „Wagon” w Ostrowie Wielkopolskim S.A. To meet the demands of the modern railway market, our company engaged in broader cooperation with foreign clients, particularly from Western Europe. The last milestone of our company was to implement serial production of freight car bogies.

In year 2005, finalizing the process of restructuring, our company changed its name once again to become known as Europejskie Konsorcjum Kolejowe WAGON Sp. z o.o.
Thanks to constant development and modernization, as well as implementation of modern technologies, the scope of our production is constantly developing. At present, we are ready to design, manufacture, repair, verify, reconstruct and modernize all types of car freights and to produce car bogies of series Y25.

Constant development of our relations abroad, active marketing, participation in domestic and international trade fairs have led to appreciation of our products and services. Thanks to these, cooperation with our company is always satisfactory for our clients and business partners.

About the company